The Road Home

by Cathy Speaker/IIlustrated by Rachel Rosteck


Book Details

The road home sometimes is long and winding, but the path is always safe and familiar.

One sunny afternoon while Mama watches her daughter at play, she thinks about how quickly her child has grown. Noticing her mother’s wistful look, the child suddenly begins to wonder who will keep her safe and warm when she goes out into the world. Who will love her when she grows as tall as the trees surrounding them? In this enchanting and beautifully illustrated book, Mama teaches her child that when we look and listen, the unfamiliar can become familiar and the road home will always be close. It’s a warm reassurance that we are forever connected to the ones we love, no matter how much we grow.


About the Author

Cathy Speaker/IIlustrated by Rachel Rosteck

Cathy Speaker wrote this story after her three daughters had grown up and moved from home. She lives in Iowa, where she was born and raised. The illustrator, Rachel Rosteck, has a degree in Biological/Premedical Illustration from ISU. She has received honorable mention and best of show in many art shows and currently resides in the Midwest.