The Ripped Chests

The Bleeding Heart

by Chilufya Mukangwa


Book Details

Cops Nab Scrupulous Human Organ Thieves

Mwango who is a CID inspector from Lukupa police station pledges to unravel the mystery behind the recent killings in a peaceful little town of Mufulira, Zambia. Criminals that have a past connection with the area have come back. Within a short time killings and unexpected abductions are the order of the day in bizarre circumstances. They plan to have a go at their previous dubious trade hoping to make profits; little do they know that a tough opposition awaits them.

Suddenly, Mwango gets ready for any eventuality. He pressurizes his superiors for a warrant of arrest for Ringo and Spider in a bid to stop them before they commit any further crimes - he’s blocked. Frustrated by this ordeal, he resorts to more investigations and mounting patrols all over town. The criminals are furious and they plan a counter attack on the law enforcers - police officers are killed brutally - deaths among the residents escalate and hence the remark “...if cops are in your way, fix them.” But when Mwango full of vengeance pursues the criminals all alone in retaliation, he is captured.

Will Mwango lose his life? Can he escape the clutches of the human organ thieves before their sharp axes and knives spring into action?

This debut novel by a new novelist breaks all the rules and will keep you reading till late.


About the Author

Chilufya Mukangwa

Chilufya Mukangwa is a retired high school teacher. She served as an H.O.D (languages) at Mufulira High School in Zambia, southern Africa until 2009. Also, a former student of Fatima Girls’ Secondary School, Ndola- graduated from Nkhrumah Teachers’ College in 1975 with a Diploma in Education. To further her language teaching skills, she was offered scholarships to study in France by the French government; at the Institute of Francoise de Touraine in 1974 and at the University of Kiriri, Burundi in 1989. At present she is studying with the Writers Bureau of Manchester, UK and is a subscribed member of Freelance Writers.