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Love Transcending Time and Death

Popular high school senior Rory Decker seems like a typical teenager who has it all: good looks, a promising future as an architect, and the admiration that comes from being a football star. But Rory’s life isn’t as simple as it seems. Underneath his All-American exterior, Rory suffers at home with an abusive, alcoholic father who takes his rage out on Rory and his loving, innocent mother. He deals with his pain by finding trouble with his best friend Skip, who is always ready for some bad behavior. But Rory’s life changes when beautiful Desiree Tate arrives as a new student at Westmoor High. As pious and good as she is lovely, Desiree has a strong positive influence on Rory, opening his heart to feelings he never imagined possible. But fate has tragedy in store for the young couple…after they face difficult family and social obstacles, a terrible car accident puts Rory into a coma, and leaves Desiree to face life with the difficult burden of the unborn child she never had a chance to tell Rory about. Twenty years later, an independent, lonely young woman named Rachel befriends a mysterious figure at an abandoned drive-in, and begins to suspect that Rory Decker’s accident may not have been fatal after all. Through Rachel’s compassion and determination, an entire cast of characters will receive a second chance at love and redemption. Rich with characters any reader will relate to and care about, The Return of Rory Decker gently weaves life lessons about the importance of faith and personal integrity into a story that shows us the realities of moral and personal choices, while showing the everyday miracles that blossom from loving hearts.


About the Author

Vicki J. Cypcar

I have been a writer since grade school. My stories speak of those who live on the margins of society-the unpopular, the heartbroken, the ones without family-and offers the idea that a sense of belonging is available for everyone. That faith and living in a way that provides service to others eventually bring peace and happiness greater than one could imagine.