The Pony Principles

Lessons in Optimism Because of Adversity

by Keith Elkins


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Principle I: See the Pony. This principle concentrates on vision, overcoming limiting beliefs, getting specific, and focusing on your talent and beliefs. All of these ideas are essential to getting started on your way to creating a life you never imagined, but this is just the start of the journey. Principle II: Feed the Pony. This principle concentrates on not just nurturing your mind, body, and spirit, but nourishing them with a different way of processing your life experiences through lifetime learning and exposure to people, places, and ideas that help you to grow. Principle III: Train the Pony. This principle concentrates on the real work. The key word is “WORK.” You can not make any life-changing or lifelong change if you don’t train, train, train. If your life is worth living, it is worth training for. Principle IV: Ride the Pony. This principle concentrates on getting on the pony and giving it a little kick. So often we just sit around and see what we want. We have learned what to do. We have practiced doing it, but we fail to move forward with total commitment and passion. This principle will give you some ideas to pursue.


About the Author

Keith Elkins

Keith Elkins is an entrepreneur, martial arts educator, motivational speaker, and president of Keith Elkins Enterprises, Inc., a human potential consulting company. He offers presentations on leadership, team building, embracing change, and developing programs for at-risk youth. Keith and his family live near Washington, D.C.



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