The Phantom's Redemption

by Anne B. Caluwaert


Book Details

Could finding faith bring him love?

Erik, the Phantom of the Opera was left broken and near despair wondering whether he could ever find peace and love with his scarred face. Leaving Paris, a strange accident brings him to a home where he finds faith, friendship,success, a reason to live and a special woman who loves him.


Book Excerpt

Erik definitely had no desire to see the happy couple after the wedding. He realized to wait would only wound him more. He made his way back to his boat, set Mouse down and prepared to leave. Slowly, he untied the boat set the oars and as he turned around his foot caught on the seat and he went over backwards. His head hitting the prow of the boat was the last thing he remembered.

As his boat floated down the Seine with the current, Erik was unaware what had happened. Mouse, frightened tried to arouse him but so far had been unsuccessful. Crying, he prodded the still body but to no avail.


About the Author

Anne B. Caluwaert

Born in Ohio, Anne now lives in North Florida where she is an avid lover of classical music,books,horses,and dogs. She has quite a few Mini Wirehair Dachshunds and is the breeder of the top Dachshund in history, She also loves the movie 'Phantom of the Opera' on which she based this book.