The Other Side Continent

by Michail Varvarousis


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Was America known since remote antiquity?

The subject presented in this book is the result of a long study and research upon the seamanship of the ancient and medieval world. It aims to investigate the ability of ancient exploration voyages to the great oceans and to present, in a simple and understandable manner, all those components that shed light on an ancient effort to explore the Atlantic Ocean and probably even the American continent.


About the Author

Michail Varvarousis

Michail Varvarousis was born in 1974 in Thessaloniki of Greece. He studied Medicine and specialised in Anaesthesiology. In 2004 he published a collection of two books entitle “Mystikon Fylakas Agelos”. From 2009 he participates in offshore sailing races as Captain of sailboat Agia Irini GRE-1390. Since 1996 he is a researcher in ancient and medievial maritime history.

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