The Nightmare Before Jesus

A Sexual Abuse Suvivor

by Sonya S. Molina


Book Details

You CAN Be Healed and Set Free through the Power of Forgiveness!

In this remarkable account of a life lost and found, Sonya S. Molina aims to provide hope and healing for anyone who has suffered from sexual abuse. Sonya’s powerful story details her early encounters with the predators who caused her life to spin out of control. To cope and survive, she stuffed her emotions deep within and tried to medicate her feelings with lovers and drugs. But the ache in the pit of her stomach never went away—until she found the tools necessary to say goodbye to her broken past, release the evil spirits that dwelled inside, and—most importantly—allow forgiveness to take flight. Frank and heartfelt, The Nightmare before Jesus lays bare the ocean-deep hurt that led to promiscuity, two abortions, and depression. And it explores the frustrating dynamics within our culture that make acknowledging and combating sexual abuse by loved ones so difficult. But as Sonya eventually discovers, there is a medicine available to all of us that can help us deal with our troubled past. It’s the simple, yet potent message of the Bible. Allow Jesus to show you the way, let the Holy Spirit empower you to be obedient to the word of God, and experience the power of God to change your life in The Nightmare before Jesus.


About the Author

Sonya S. Molina

Sonya Molina is a prophet and an associate minister at Freewill Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Edward Nettles and First Lady Beverly Nettles. She is an intercessor and the leader of Women’s Ministries and Women’s Retreats. Sonya is the widow of the late Dr. Anthony L. Molina, Sr. She lives in Montgomery.