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Feeling small in this big world? No matter your size, your impact is great.

Jovie is a character designed to be an advocate for all animals and our planet. With a caring yet silly demeanor, this fun-loving character brings a ray of sunshine and hope into this world.

The Jovie series starts with The Nature of Kindness, which allows the reader to learn that daily actions on a local level can make an impact.


About the Author

Stephanie N. Prountzos

Stephanie N. Prountzos is from the San Francisco Bay Area, and her entire life has revolved around caring for animals and our planet. With a degree in Geography focusing on Environmental Studies from SFSU, Stephanie is a former Wildlife Rehab Technician and is currently the Practice Manager at a Veterinary Hospital in the North Bay. With years of working with both domestic and wild animals, it became evident that the love and respect for animals and our natural world was lacking unto her. With compassion fatigue being her driving force, Stephanie decided to put her outlet of writing, love for children, our planet, and wildlife together, in hopes to make a helpful impact on the youth for our future. With the love and support from her husband, Noti, and rescue dog, Whiskey, Stephanie hopes to teach every individual (both young and old) to find their inner advocate and know that with kindness, and respect, you alone can make a difference.