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The Many Moods of Dis - Ease: Who I Am, As I Am
is a book of expressive poems offered through the author’s lens of living with a neurologically degenerative disease.The poems invite the reader to partake in the experiences of this journey through the disclosure of the many moods, emotions, and phenomena encountered. 
Each Mood (Discovery, Despair, Compassion, Acceptance, Transformation, Healing, Hopeful and Gratitude) invites the reader to recognize the diversity of experiences from the initial diagnosis forward. 
This book is written for those living with all forms of neurologically degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, MS, as well their Care Partners and society as a whole. The more one delves into the poems, the moods and paths traversed, the more one becomes aware and awakened to the journeys of adversity and acceptance along with that of sorrow and hope.