The Magical Ways of Dragons

Short Story Adventures with Unique Illustrations

by Lynne Hoover

The Magical Ways of Dragons

The Magical Ways of Dragons

Short Story Adventures with Unique Illustrations

by Lynne Hoover

Published May 05, 2019
91 Pages
Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)


Book Details

Dare To Come In And Let Your Adventures Begin

Packed full of unique short stories, this book introduces twenty-plus beautifully illustrated magical good-hearted dragons eagerly sharing their wisdom, laughter, and song. Reminds me of the reminiscence of Grimm Fairy tales.

Masterfully tailored to appeal to 'kids' of all ages to read and enjoy. these dragons have an uncanny way of luring you into their world. Don't be surprised if you find yourself falling in love with a few of them along the way.

"Dare to come in and let your adventures begin"


Book Excerpt

Excerpts from one of the many short stories:

"Friendships Begin in the Darndest Places"

From a bold fairy dragon Twink & his sidekick Whisper

"Help, I'm stuck!" he yelled. "is anyone out there to help me?" Being stuck inside a small overturned wooden box, little Twink found himself in a real mess. He should have left the box alone, but he couldn't resist the things he found inside it that he could use. Bits of string, pieces of leather, a couple of bottle corks, real treasures to spruce up his own little place.

this and much more are a small part of the vast adventures that await you when you venture into my book.


About the Author

Lynne Hoover

I consider myself the new ‘kid’ to the writing neighborhood, a bit of an author in progress, and have been around the block a few times with my art style. I fondly love these two incredibly creative worlds that are a big part of my life.
Unable to stop the fun, like a kid in a toy store, I found myself going off, more often than not, on a wonderous exploring adventure, stretching out my fictional-fantasy writing and art boundaries whenever and where ever I could. So much so that a kind-of marriage happily emerged for my choice of  Dragons, Fairies, and More.
When I began the dragon the illustrations and their short stories, they had an uncanny way of ‘catching me’ fondly luring my attention into their world, which eventually morphed into publishing my first book, “The Magical Ways of Dragons.”
The stories in this book are light-hearted and full of magical wisdom, laughter, and song. Putting all of this together was a real adventure as I brought out and discovered each dragon’s magical personality.
My goal was to tailor my first book in such a way that it would appeal to children of all ages to read and enjoy.
I hope that you, dear reader, will be curious enough to come to explore my first book, maybe even grow to love a few of these dragons. I know they will surely spark your imagination and fondly warm your heart. So dare to venture in and let them surround you with their magical ways take you with them.
Presently I have begun building the foundation for my second book, “As it is with Fairies, Dragons and Such.” I am exploring the ‘fairies and such part,’ and their world is proving to be uniquely exciting as well. If all goes as planned (aha, sure, but fingers crossed!), I hope to have the second book out by mid-summer.