The Love Company

by Stephanie Buffington


Book Details

Called “Outrageous Fun” by Publishers Weekly, The Love Company is full of the true stories of what really happened on TV’s first reality dating show “The Dating Game.”

As a contestant on the show, when Stephanie heard host’s Jim Lange’s immortal words, “Let’s meet your dream date, Terrance Gabbler“ she had no idea she would go on to become a globe-hopping adventuress as No. 1 chaperone for the show! When “The Dating Game” was over, that’s when the fun and games began! Travel with Stephanie Buffington through the psychedelic flower-powered era of the late 1960’s and on around the globe for an insiders look at what went on behind the scenes of the “The Dating Game’s” dream dates. This sexy and satirical power tell-all will take you on an hilarious high-flying escapade of romance and misadventures along with Stephanie’s intrepid quest for the underlying mystical truth behind it all.


About the Author

Stephanie Buffington

Stephanie Buffington continues to travel the world with her company Tribal Music Tours, specializing in tours from the temples of Bali to the music festivals of India and Morocco. She also hosts journeys of a different kind, leading 'Rhythmic Prayer' drum circles at the Sacred Rhythm Lodge in Los Angeles. The author is now working on her high spirited memoir The Secrets of Tightrope Walking, detailing her odyssey through the worlds of pop stars, gurus and gangsters, including her travels with Bob Dylan on the Rolling Thunder Review.