The Lineage of the Lie

Revealing Paul's "Man of Sin"

by Ian R. Harvey


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Always believe God. Always disbelieve Lucifer. An Important Book Confronting the True Nature and Origin of Sin

Paul prophesied that the Savior would not return until the man of sin was revealed. Who is the man of sin? Paul foresaw him sitting in our holy temple proclaiming himself to be a god and telling a specific lie so effectively that he captured many. This lie is accompanied by a strong delusion as sought by people and accommodated by God Himself––because of their unbelief. According to traditional Mormon teachings arising from Lucifer’s words heard spoken during LDS temple re-enactments of the Fall, Adam and Eve had to break God’s explicit commandment in order to become fertile and bear children. This is the delusion supporting Lucifer’s great lie, “there is no other way.” In this book, by application of LDS scripture, the traditional LDS interpretation is gently but firmly debunked and Paul’s biblical prophecy is explained in the same medium through which the prophecy is actually being fulfilled.


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Ian R. Harvey

Ian R. Harvey, Ph.D., worked as an engineer in the Silicon Valley computer chip industry before taking up an academic position in nanotechnology. He is an inventor with over 25 patents but ponders the meaning of life as a weekend hand on his father’s Wyoming cattle ranch. Author’s proceeds beyond production and marketing costs go to

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