The Journey to YOU

More Than a Book, an Experience! With 52 Ground Rules for Life!

by Tina Crumpacker

The Journey to YOU

The Journey to YOU

More Than a Book, an Experience! With 52 Ground Rules for Life!

by Tina Crumpacker

Published Feb 13, 2010
303 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General


Book Details

This book is a powerful guide on a journey of self-exploration and self-transformation. With deep insight grounded in her rich life experience, author gently, but firmly leads you through a highly emotional process of change and personal growth, which will profoundly influence every area of your life. Truly “a guide by your side, not a sage on the stage”, she helps you not just learn, but experience and feel the change.”

Alex Crandall M.D. President, Brain Training Institute

“An amazing concise, impactful personal growth adventure in a book”

“Each chapter has the value of an entire condensed self help book.”

“The real life processes bombard the reader with self awareness.”

“Years of wisdom unfolds through the readers own participation.”

“YOU will never look at yourself in the same way again after this reading experience.”

“Your Original Uniqueness is unveiled through each step of ‘The Journey to YOU’”.

“The reader is the creator and the author of this life shifting experience.”


Book Excerpt

What the reader will discover in "The Journey To YOU"

1. Become commitment driven instead of a slave to your feelings

2. Welcome any opportunity to get uncomfortable to manifest your vision

3. Turn disappointment into the ability to trust again

4. Learn how you can either sabotage or exalt your own self esteem

5. See possibility, choices and opportunities that were previously invisible

6. Find the hidden key to living a peaceful, joyful, free life

7. Use your past experiences to make a difference, instead of as an excuse

8. Take ownership of your life in order to fulfill your unique purpose

9. Shift your view of the planet to insure a peaceful, loving heart

10. Learn the power of discernment between truth and fabrication

11. Create a sacred workshop for meditation, prayer and decision making

12. Transform your life by choosing love over fear in every decision

13. Drop the historical, cultural and inherited baggage that no longer serves you

14. Experience the adventure and exhilaration of stretching beyond limitations

15. Transform anger into personal enlightenment and gratitude

16. Face and remove the inauthentic masks you hide behind

17. Embrace the urgency of each moment in lieu of avoiding and disengaging

18. Get the simple combination to unlock the secret of who YOU truly are

19. Climb the mountain of a life adventure to reach the pinnacle of YOU

20. Enroll your world in the quest for personal peace, then world peace.


About the Author

Tina Crumpacker

After 27 years of experience in the Personal Growth field as a trainer, the author of 18 self awareness courses, and as a parenting & relationship expert, Tina shares the love and knowledge she has acquired from over 10,000 graduates of her work in “The Journey to YOU.”

Tina owns TMC Productions, a center for life coaching and breakthrough experiences, in Fort Myers, Florida.