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Life is a journey that does not end at death.

When Pam's life ends in a suspicious accident at age twenty-six, she finds herself in a Heaven completely different from what she had ever imagined. It takes time for Pam to accept her death, and when she does, Fara, her assigned guide, informs her that to move forward into her eternal existence, they must first view Pam's entire earthly life. It is during this viewing that Pam learns she is a Hope Mother, the title given to women who lost an infant on earth before that child was able to take even one breath of air. These children are called Angel Babies, and Pam must fulfill her Hope Mother obligation by locating hers through a search of Heaven’s vast territories. Only then will they be allowed to be reborn to fulfill their earthly journey, and Pam can move on in her afterlife.

But Earth has been invaded by an evil force that follows Pam into Heaven and creates havoc by interrupting the viewing. Fara seeks assistance from Archangel Michael, who soon discovers it is Lucifer himself who is determinedly seeking to claim Pam as his chosen one—placing all of Heaven’s occupants at risk.

The Hope Mother is a unique and uplifting debut novel that offers an alternative view of the afterlife. Anyone who has ever lost someone special—whether it is a child, a relative, a friend, or even a beloved pet—will find comfort and hope in this story.


Book Excerpt

Pam looked expectantly at Fara and wondered what would happen next. Fara looked deep in thought as she sat with her hands clasped tightly on her lap. Finally she spoke. "Let me first tell you about this room. You are curious about the mirrored wall. To put it simply, the mirror contains your entire life from birth to your death. You were twenty six years old when you died. That isn't as long as most, but that is what you were given. We will see every moment of it here. You must understand that there is a purpose for our doing this." Pam couldn't help but wonder what that purpose was. Fara answered her question as if she had heard her thoughts. "The purpose is not to change anything that occurred. We can't do that. The purpose is to find out certain moments in your life to help those in need of it here. I'll explain this later on when we come to that point. Also, the viewing will help those who need to choose what your eternal assignment will be." She noted Pam's confused look. She knew what she was feeling. Fara had been there herself.


About the Author

Judy Scognamillo

Judy Scognamillo is currently a member of the Palm Springs Writers Guild. The year she joined, she won two of their monthly writing challenges which gave her the confidence she needed to finish and publish her first novel, ‘The Hope Mother’. Much of her novel takes place in her home state of North Dakota and also in San Diego, California where she resided for twenty five years. Judy and her husband, Pete, now live in Rancho Mirage, California.



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