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The Good Don is the story of a 1930s Robin Hood and his men who took ownership of the turf between the two bridges.

In 1929, as the Great Depression hit and millions of Americans lost their jobs, Sal Mancuso dropped out of high school to support his family in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. His business savvy and determination led to the growth of a shadowy business that would make Sal the provider for dozens of families between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and make him a superstar in the neighborhood. Most who knew Sal knew him as Honest Sal, and only decades later as an old man would he share his storied and surprising past with his son.


About the Author

Richard Mancuso & Jacquelyn Gutc

About Richard: Rich Mancuso is a retired businessman, a political activist and former educator, who has been nominated to “Who’s Who” among American teachers and educators more than once, was Teacher of the Year five times, and is the recipient of the J.B. Wilson Award for Academic Excellence. As a historian and history teacher, his focus has always been to teach the good, the bad and the ugly. A native of Staten Island, New York, and a graduate of Winona State University, Rich now resides in Evergreen, Colorado. About Jacquelyn: Jacquelyn Gutc has been telling stories through writing since childhood — even before she created a newspaper for her family in fifth grade. A Michigan native, she is an award-winning journalist who has written for publications in her home state and in New England. Jacquelyn owns Magpie Media, a communications firm that handles writing, editing and social media for businesses, where she continues to write and share stories daily. Jacquelyn lives in Golden, Colorado, with her husband, Chris, and their cat, Rosie.