The Fisherman and the Catch: Catching the Right Woman

Edited by Zuzana Urbanek Owner, Z-Ink

by Ric D. Harris

The Fisherman and the Catch: Catching the Right Woman

The Fisherman and the Catch: Catching the Right Woman

Edited by Zuzana Urbanek Owner, Z-Ink

by Ric D. Harris

Published Jul 31, 2009
121 Pages
Genre: REFERENCE / Personal & Practical Guides


Book Details

The Fisherman and the Catch:

Catching the Right Woman

This engaging book offers insightful lessons about respect (for self and others), confidence, and experience for anyone aspiring to build more fulfilling relationships. Filled with humor and reflection, this fast read plants the seeds for identifying a soul mate. Its insight is strongly geared toward helping build mature men. Women can use it as a guide to refine how they want to be perceived and respected by men. What makes this book different from other books about relationships is its memorable analogy — women are like fish — making it hilarious and compelling. As a happily rewarded fisherman is apt to say of his prize catch, “This book is a keeper!”


Book Excerpt

“This book is an entertaining, humorous, ‘outdoorsman’ approach to relationships. As I read it, I was reminded of when my grandmother used to take me fishing, and how impatient I was standing on the river banks waiting for my catch. As you read this book, I know you’ll laugh. You may even be reminded of some of your past or present relationship experiences and go hmm… but if you haven’t found your catch yet, read, enjoy, and let patience have its perfect work.”

— Dr. Bryan E. Crute, Senior Pastor,Chief Executive & Spiritual Officer, Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church

“This book is a must-read for all mothers, fathers, counselors and mentors when it is time to counsel the youth on relationships. The exciting comparison makes a lasting impression for all ages, because relationship-building goes on forever. Great book! Exciting, easy read!”

— Emily Diane Gunter, Founder,Rites of Passage Youth Empowerment Foundation

“An Amusing, insightful and very real approach to understanding, interpreting and interacting with different types of women-You’ll learn to be an expert fisherman!”

— Skip McClendon, Retired NFL, Bengals, Vikings, and Colts


About the Author

Ric D. Harris

RIC D. HARRIS had a passion to harness his experiences so that others could learn from them. After relating his theory to friends and to young men in need of guidance, he finally wrote "The Fisherman and the Catch" to share the valuable insights with the rest of us.

Born in the Motor City (Detroit, Michigan), Ric always strived to accomplish what others stated he could not. Ric was raised by a strong single mother who taught him never to quit no matter what the cost; he was shown the streets by a hustler father to whom Ric attributes his own street smarts; and he learned to defend himself at an early age thanks to the care of an older brother. These three influences still impact him today. Add to that the catalyst of joining the United States Marines Corps right out of high school, and you have a recipe for Ric’s now successful life.

Ric is a loving husband, father, and Christian who often says, “I tithe, serve, and give back…God is still working on the rest.”