The Eye of Elicion

The Kinowenn Chronicles Vol 1

by Rachel Ronning


Book Details

Magic training? Sword fighting? Horsemanship? Bring it on!

The Eye of Elicion introduces us to Lucy. Disappointed and discouraged with the job opportunities in the paper, her eye is drawn to an ad for Wizard school. On a whim, she applies and soon finds herself attending a school very different from any she has before. She learns different methods of casting spells, new languages, geography of other worlds, horsemanship, and how to fight with a variety of weapons. Lucy finds her niche with a unique group of students that are asked to go on a quest in the world of Kinowenn to acquire the Eye of Elicion, a semi-mythical magical item. Follow Lucy on this adventure in this light-hearted fantasy as she learns, laughs, and discovers things she never knew were possible.


About the Author

Rachel Ronning

Rachel Ronning grew up reading fantasy. She attended High School at Cretin-Derham Hall. She has a degree in Literature and Linguistics from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire where she also studied abroad in Dalkeith Scotland. She lives and writes in Fargo, yes Fargo, with her family.

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