The Evolution of Human Sexual Privacy

An Objective Study of a Subjective Realm

by Andrew Haywein


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How privacy proved focal to the course of human reproductive development.

Few basic biological functions are more important to an individual or species than successful reproduction, yet so few of us are willing to talk about it. Despite today’s veritable deluge of sexual information, we need more than sexual information and/or sexual experience. Without including an understanding of the emotional aspects of sexual relationships and a sense of gender-related interpersonal dynamics, sexual information on its own is not enough, leaving us with many unanswered questions: • Why do women respond more slowly than men in arousal? • What is the significance of the human orgasm? • Why does sexual experience so often fail to lead to lasting relationships? • When is the most vulnerable time for a new relationship? These and other questions can be answered by our evolutional history. In this wide-ranging and penetrating study, the author offers a fascinating profile of how our human reproductive nature developed, showing how human sexual nature is inclined toward committed relationships and a biological investment in each generation’s young. He demonstrates that a critical reproductive turning point occurred with the advent of sexual privacy, strengthening male-female bonding and reinforcing human family development. The Evolution of Human Sexual Privacy gives us a better understanding of the enormously important but endlessly complex subject of human sexual nature.


About the Author

Andrew Haywein

About the Author: Andrew Haywein was a primary care physician for over 50 years and maintains an enduring interest in human prehistory. He lives in Sarasota, Florida.