The Eager Bunny

by Janice Knuth Gordon


Book Details

The Eager Bunny is a whimsical tale of a young rabbit who befriends a very special person and becomes a valuable part of the very first Easter celebration. With colorful illustrations and gentle wording, this book will help children understand the true meaning of Easter in a loving way.

A love story about the relationship of a bunny and a many called Jesus and what Jesus did for His children. An introduction of the Gospel for children, if there were an Easter bunny this would be his story.(buy wholesale at


Book Excerpt

"One day he heard a lot of voices and peeked around a bush. There were many people all listening to a man talk to them. They called this man Jesus.


About the Author

Janice Knuth Gordon

About the Author: Janice Gordon is a nurse who enjoys reading to her 17 grandchildren. She wrote The Eager Bunny to teach her grandchildren the meaning of Easter in a way they could easily understand. Go to ""About the Illustrator-Terry's first drawing experience was in church, where her mother would provide paper and pencil to entertain a wiggly child.