The Danubia Files

Award Writing Lessons From the Vis Moot

by Louise Barrington Napolao Casado Filho, Claudio Finkelstein


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Practical advice on writing international arbitration awards

At last, the students, coaches and arbitrators who have dedicated so many hours to the Danubia Files will see the results of their labours. Six tribunals of renowned international arbitrators and educators have issued awards in the Vis Problems XIV to XIX. Each award considers the issues and sets out the decision of the tribunal in their own words and style. And at last, here is a reference text that deals with one of the most important - yet most neglected - stages in arbitration procedure: the drafting of the arbitration Award. The first lesson of this book is that there is no single "right" way to draft an award. Each tribunal has its own voice, its own character; there are many styles that can produce a good award. “A wonderful achievement and highly innovative and useful contribution that will be of great interest to all international arbitration lawyers, scholars and students.” – Gary Born, Chair, International Arbitration Group, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP "I wish I'd thought of it! This book will immediately become a "must-have" for law firm international arbitration groups. The awards not only increase the already rich value of the Vis problem materials for advocacy training, they also are a much-needed resource for award drafting practice. Be sure to read the down-to-earth drafting guides by Louise Barrington and Pierre Karrer." – Lucy Reed, Global co-Head, International Arbitration, Freshfields “You can measure the height of the Great Pyramid at Cheops without climbing it by multiplying the height of a pole by the ratio of the two shadows (500 BC). You can put little wheels on luggage (1970). Great ideas in retrospect seem obvious, and the Danubia files are another.” – Jan Paulsson, President, International Council of Commercial Arbitrators (ICCA)


About the Author

Louise Barrington Napolao Casado Filho, Claudio Finkelstein

Editors: Louise Barrington, Napoleão Casado Filho, Claudio Finkelstein Contributing authors: David Branson, Hew R. Dundas, Anne Marie Grosshans, Geoffrey B. Hartwell, Neil T. Kaplan, Pierre A. Karrer, Christopher Lau, Margaret L. Moses, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Ingeborg Schwenzer, Lisa Spagnolo, Jingzhou Tao, Leandro Tripodi, Jonathan B. Vita, Jeffrey Waincymer, Janet Walker, Romesh Weeramantry, Jane Willems Foreword by Martin Hunter



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