The Cracks in the Porcelain Doll

by Shanise "NeeNeeSpeaks" Harris


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Calling all lovers, believers and growth achievers. Within these pages I have created a beautiful poetic story, one of which we all can relate to. To be in love is such a captivating feeling, but what makes it so unique are the lessons we learn from the experience. The Cracks in the Porcelain Doll, is an example of what passion and hope looks like. We’ve all tripped, fallen or maybe have been pushed unexpectedly through life’s trials and tribulations. The key is to always get back up, remain humble and remember that no matter still exists.


About the Author

Shanise "NeeNeeSpeaks" Harris

Baltimore Native Shanise Harris is a mother, poet, writer, cook and entrepreneur. She has always had a heart of a poet since the tender age of ten. From poetry contests, to open mics to creative writing classes, poetry has always flowed so easily. Having so much creativity opens many doors to reach different audiences and still be unified. Writing about a collection of feelings, emotions and experiences creates such a therapeutic outlet. Shanise has always believed that no matter what a person may go through that good days always outweigh the bad. The key is to just hold on and stay true to yourself.