The Core of Four

4 Tools To Navigate Roadblocks To Great Human Performance

by Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, CET


Book Details

From Award Winning Safety Professional and Keynote Speaker Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, CET comes The Core of Four.

Great human performance (GHP) is crucial to achieving your ultimate goal of personal success. Navigating the roadblocks to GHP can be one of the most difficult things you ever do. Asking yourself one easy question before you start your day can help, “Have you MAPPED out your day?” Tim will guide you through his personal experiences and stories he’s heard from his time on the road so you can anecdotally relate them to your own.


About the Author

Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, CET

Tim is a Veteran Marine with over 23 years of Risk Management and Safety experience. Tim has written several articles in Professional Journals, Trade Magazines and books for industries that include Utilities, Water and Wastewater. Tim has been awarded the Society Wide Safety Professional of the Year from the American Society of Safety Professionals and received the coveted Distinguished Service to Safety Award from the National Safety Council.