The C.O.R.E. Journey

Unleash Your Power to Thrive

by Dianna Wright, Ph.D.


Book Details

The C.O.R.E Journey is that rare book that combines solid pragmatic advice with a clear method for implementing one’s goals.

Would you walk a twelve-inch-wide plank suspended between two fourteen-story buildings, just for fun? Would you do it if you were offered a million dollars? Would you do it if it were the only way to save your family from danger? Our values guide our choices. These choices write the story of the path we take through life, and whether we reach our summit depends on our capacity for mindful awareness of our values, and the courage to adhere to them when tested. In a perfect world, every person would have the innate capacity to call on their clearly-defined values whenever faced with a decision, and capitalize on their trusted strengths whenever faced with a challenge, leading everyone down an effortless path of authenticity and autonomy. In the real world, this peace of mind is very hard-won. Our perception of ourselves, the world, and our role in the grand scheme is clouded by the chatter of a thousand conflicting sources of input, and this discord is amplified by the stress of daily life. Once we’ve honed the skill of intentionally choosing our actions and reactions by maintaining awareness of our values and purpose, we are empowered for authentic decisionmaking, even in the most challenging circumstances. The CORE Journey offers simple practices and techniques to gain clarity around your true values, and gives you the tools to unlock your innate capacity to become your ideal self and create the life you desire.


About the Author

Dianna Wright, Ph.D.

Dr. Wright has written an engaging book, but with the support of clear research findings that provide the reader confidence in her advice. The added bonus…the book was wrapped in a memorable metaphor that has me thinking about the book’s message weeks after my first read.” —Bruce Winner, Custom Training Manager, The Government Training Academy.