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Chintz was shocked. “You discovered time travel?” The Doctor shook his head. “That’s not really possible. This is more like re-writing your memory. It will seem like it’s happening in real time, but really we are just changing your brain to make it seem like it did.” Chintz frowned. Changing my brain? “And this will tell you if I have free will?” The Doctor shrugged. Chintz followed him down the hall. “Why do you need explosives?” The man shrugged again. “I’m sure we can find a use for them.” “And where did the baby go?” “No idea.” “What kind of place is this?” Quickening his pace and redoubling his cheerfulness, the Doctor said, “We’ve created our own universe. I told you, I’ll explain everything later.”


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Russell Boyd

RUSSELL BOYD is an Austin-based writer and musician. He currently lives in Round Rock with his family, where they play video games and drink whiskey.



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