The Boy Scout, The Beekeeper and The Bees

Lessons in Life and Beekeeping

by Terry R. Combs


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All the Buzz on Beekeeping in One Indispensable Book!

If you’ve always wanted to start beekeeping but didn’t know where to begin, this is the book for you. For half the price of a one-day beekeeping class, you’ll have an ideal resource from veteran beekeepers that want you to succeed, giving you a wealth of advice and reference information, while avoiding the confusion of conflicting opinions. Best of all, you can enjoy and learn in the comfort of your own home. You’ll get the best information about how to start beekeeping, and how to expand and refine your craft. Based on the solid protocol of the Boy Scouts of America Beekeeping Merit Badge, this superb guide takes you through many levels of beekeeping. Using these techniques, your hives can prosper even in years when other beekeepers are experiencing losses. Whether you’re interested in producing honey, helping the environment, or investing in a fascinating and rewarding hobby, you’ll treasure this thorough, accessible, and valuable tool.


About the Author

Terry R. Combs

Terry Combs’ lifelong interest in insects and spiders led him to the art of beekeeping, a vocation he has pursued for 50 plus years. After 42 years as a solitary beekeeper, Terry joined several organizations and participated as member, vice president, president and webmaster. His achievements include a first-place prize for light honey at the Illinois State honey competition in 2012. Terry teaches four beekeeping classes and two insect classes at a local college, as well as giving outreach and educational presentations to young people and the public. He lives in Keyesport, Illinois with his wife Debbie, and keeps bees in Bond and surrounding counties in Illinois.