The Book of Dreams

Short Stories

by Richard Malmros


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I’ve had some striking and powerful dreams…

…about my life in the mountains, by the sea, and elsewhere, and I began to realize some time ago that they were all closely linked. The Book of Dreams started as pure dreamscape but quickly slid over into the world of fiction. Why? Well, I didn’t keep a journal or any other record of my dreams. Instead, I took what I could remember as a starting point and then filled in the blanks as I felt the story would have played out. Using that simple design, the stories in this book basically told themselves. With that in mind...enjoy.


About the Author

Richard Malmros

Richard Malmros is a photographer and freelance writer, with articles published in Powder and Ski Racing magazines. His summer sport is tennis and his winter pastime is Masters alpine ski racing. This is his first work of fiction.