The Blue Goblin

by Donna Pisella


Book Details

This book will motivate kids to try new foods.

Follow the journey of a grumpy green goblin who loves his green wriggly worms but turns the color blue after eating blueberries he finds in the forest. In his quest to change back, he discovers new delicious and nutritious green vegetables that leave him feeling happier and more satisfied. The goblin is no longer grumpy and instead of being scary to children, he finds happiness planting a green vegetable garden and feasts with his goblin friends.


Book Excerpt

What is going on? he wondered. He never ate anything that wasn't green. Maybe that was what happened. The blueberries turned him blue! No matter, he thought, as soon as I am done scaring, I will go back to my cave and eat some more green wriggly worms and be good as new. Besides, I'm still a scary goblin.


About the Author

Donna Pisella

Donna Pisella is a mother of a toddler who inspired her adorable story that hopefully sends a meaningful message to young children who are fussy eaters. The author lives in NYC with her husband and daughter and enjoys spending quality family time on weekends in the North Fork of Long Island. She enjoys creative storytelling with her daughter which sparked the story line of The Blue Goblin. For more information about Donna Pisella or The Blue Goblin, contact the author at or visit her website at