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Can the crimes committed by The Black Butterfly Predator ever be solved with the top-notch FBI agents and New York City detectives on the case?

This book is about Raymond J. Dips, a serial killer who is a cunning predator working downtown New York and is always on the prowl for his next victim, a woman. He has a secret conservatory in his country home in the basement where no one around will hear his victim's screams. He is an absolute monster who performs his immoral acts on the women victims he is dating. He is an activated lepidopterist (who specializes in studying butterflies and moths) with a particular room in a conservatory where he specializes in breeding and perfecting the black butterfly; for several years, Raymond J. Dips was always one step ahead of the best FBI agents Craig D Tomlin and Terry L. Price and detectives Rose M Bernath and Carolyn P Price. So sit back and strap up; you are on the ride of your life with this mystery book.


About the Author

Dale R. Lincoln

Dale R Lincoln wanted to create a different book about mystery without war and action that went beyond his writings and expressed imagination and originality. As of today, there is no known cure for a split personality, and it can only be subdued through the use of a proper doctor and medication. It is essential to put the reader in the shoes of the FBI agents and New York City detectives as they try to solve the crimes. To make the reader think of such heinous crimes that are happening every day. The reader has many possibilities for how they want the book to end.

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