The Back-Up Mom

A Stepmother's Journey

by Laura K. Wagner


Book Details

What Nobody Tells You About Being a Stepparent

We know that in the United States, about half of marriages end in divorce. It’s very easy to realize, then, that there is a huge prevalence of mixed families…stepparents and stepchildren. For some reason, though, the unique gifts and challenges of stepparenting are rarely discussed. Many people go into the stepparenting experience thinking that their parenting skills and instincts will suffice. The Back-Up Mom is an invaluable, candid guide to stepparenting from the personal experience of a mom who has been there, learned precious lessons, and is ready to share her wisdom with you. Author Laura K. Wagner presents her ideas intertwined with personal narrative that is easily accessible, and will let you know you’re not alone in your journey. Her voice of experience is one of honesty and vulnerability, showing you the obstacles she faced in order to become an effective parent to her stepchildren. And it is also a story of hope, courage, and strength, as you learn, right along with Laura, that stepparenting is about an open mind, an open heart, and learning to support yourself as well as your stepchildren. The Back-Up Mom is about empowering you to discover the true meaning of “family,” and learning to take action from a conscious place of awareness and compassion.


About the Author

Laura K. Wagner

Laura K. Wagner is a career woman, loving and devoted wife, stepmother, and “mawmaw.” This book materialized because she felt that her testimony, thoughts, and feelings were meant to be shared with others who could relate to and benefit from her experiences. The Back-Up Mom is Laura’s first book.



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