The Art of Joyful Living

A Practical Guide To Happiness

by Jonathan P. Rosman, M.D.


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A Practical Guide to Happiness

Are you truly happy? For most of us, the answer is “no.” The Art of Joyful Living is a unique manual designed to help you take charge of your life in order to achieve lasting success and happiness, by developing skills and establishing habits to promote a happy life. Psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Rosman demonstrates that the key to happiness is a life rich in values. Dr. Rosman leads you systematically from an explanation of happiness to a detailed discussion of what values are, their role in the achievement of happiness, and how to pursue and nurture them. The chapters on values lead to an analysis of virtues, which are the actions necessary to achieve values. You will learn not only how to motivate yourself to act, but also how to become passionate about your life, and how embracing positive change can transform your personality. The Art of Joyful Living is written in straightforward, accessible language and provides many examples to illustrate and illuminate its valuable principles. Life does not stand still—your only two choices are to move forward, or to regress. The Art of Joyful Living gives you the tools you need to move forward with intention, into a happier and more fulfilling future.


About the Author

Jonathan P. Rosman, M.D.

Jonathan P. Rosman, MD, is a psychiatrist in private practice in Colorado. Dr. Rosman earned his medical degree in South Africa before emigrating to North America. He specializes in addiction psychiatry, sleep medicine, and forensic psychiatry. He is also an FAA certified flight instructor as well as a professional ski instructor.