The Adventures of Magellan

by T.L. Mann


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Meet Magellan ...

Magellan is a lovely little puppy with a love of life and a thirst for adventure. Named after a famous explorer, Magellan likes to break away from his brothers and sisters to explore the McKenzies' farm where he was born.

When he is eight weeks old, the little dog is introduced to his new family, the Pattersons, who bring him to his new home. It isn't long, however, before he embarks on a new adventure as his new family prepares for a move to China. But when his crate is loaded into the wrong airplane, Magellan suddenly finds himself in Italy, not China, and his new family is nowhere to be found! Magellan is off on an entirely new escapade in a strange country.

Will Magellan be reunited with his family? What kind of trouble will he get into? Find out in the second of the series, Magellan Goes to Italy.