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“A rambling collection of thoughts, opinions, observations and memories from an average small-town guy who survived the cold war, the polio epidemic, chicken pox, measles, mumps, broken bones, drinking water from a garden hose, nuclear war drills, an older sister, playing in the street, speeding, underage drinking, riding a bike without a helmet, dog bites, cat scratches, skiing in the fog, driving on icy roads in winter blizzards, corporal punishment, harsh winters in Montana, living for two months under water in a submarine, flying jets off the deck of an aircraft carrier, raising two sons and forty-nine years (at the time of this typing) of marriage.”


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(The following section was written by the publisher – Outskirts Press) Most of the sections in this book include quotes and excerpts from noted speakers, writers and award-winning authors on the subjects of goals, success and personal development. It is believed that you will find that the genre fits somewhere between autobiography, personal development, and success-building. If you are looking for an alphabetical collection of life experiences, observations, opinions and pointers for success, this may be it. If you are old enough, you will relate to many of the author's experiences and observations. If you were born later than the 1940s or 1950s, you will gain from his insight and from the writings of other recognizable and famous authors. If you are a kid, this book is for you. It was written primarily for the author's four Grandchildren so that they might learn a little more about "Pops" while they learn a lot about life and making choices. It is hoped that this book is "ageless" and will have something to offer every person of every age who will take the time to read it. Perhaps it will serve as a "dictionary of successful ideas."


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Jim LaRue

Jim LaRue grew up in NW Montana. He attended Oregon State University on a Navy ROTC scholarship and graduated in 1968 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation and commissioning, he served five years in the Navy as an aviator. His professional career consisted of several independent business ventures with the last twenty years spent in the financial services industry with a major national firm. He retired in 2006 and resides with his wife Margie on the shores of Lake Keowee in NW South Carolina.