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Eddie, Raul and Ralph are looking forward to a great weekend, taking it easy and playing some basketball. Instead they see something fly by in the night sky that they know is not from this world. Accidents, deaths and disappearances have been occurring around the neighborhood. Evil is here and it wants something or someone? Eddie and his friends might be the only ones able to stand up to…The 13.

One way to gauge the health of a genre is by the number of emerging young writers. Rafael is one of these young writers and a talented storyteller, so pick up this book, then watch him grow..."

-Gene O'Neill

Author of, The Burden of Indigo, Shadow of the Dark Angel, White Tribe, The Confessions of St. Zach, The Grand Struggle, Lost Tribe, Deathflash and the forthcoming Not Fade Away

"Rafael displays a raw talent and fresh, invigorating imagination that is sure to take him-and the reader-far. He's bound to become an important asset to the genre."

-Brian Keene Author of, The Rising, City of the Dead, Terminal, The Conqueror Worms, Dead Sea, Ghoul, Castaways, Ghost Walk, Dark Hollow, Urban Gothic and Fear of Gravity

Also by Rafael E. Cariaga

Evil, Death, Destruction and Horror