Tell the World of Doctor's Death Traps, Fraud, Deceit and a License to Kill

A True Story

by Elsie B. Saba


Book Details

I am presenting the true facts and let the public decide...

My book presents a true, concise and straight forward accounts of my horrifying and hazardous journey with prominent doctors associated with Scripps Memorial hospital and UCSD in La Jolla, California. The doctors involved in my case made me go through severe unthinkable suffering and no proper medical care on site. I found myself sinking in deadly doctor’s death traps without seeing a way out. Death was holding me by the throat. My book offers a broad coverage of doctors cover-up, falsifying my medical five, conspiracy against me in the United States. Furthermore, I tried to provide you, as space permits, as account of the corruption and lawlessness in the Superior Court of San Diego, California, which denied me due process of law based on statute of limitations and made it impossible to get proper medical help. Publishing my book will captivate the hearts and minds of conscious people who believe in justice and humanity and to serve as an awakening call to the public.


About the Author

Elsie B. Saba

My name is Elsie Blanche Saba born in Nazareth the Holy town of Jesus Christ. I was educated in private schools and was smuggled on foot to Beirut College for women until I graduated. In 1955 I flew to the U.S.A. and received my M.A degree from Kalamazoo University in Michigan. In 1961 I started teaching at Crawford High School in San Diego, CA. I won the travel awarded in 1962 and won the Fulbright Award in 1964 to study in Paris, France. After all my traveling and being exposed to old and new civilizations, I developed an inquiry mind and always thirsty for knowledge. In 1972 I fell in my classroom while I was helping my students and from that incident my life had been changed forever.