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“A dark secret...uncovered from the ashes”

The accidental carbon monoxide deaths of her brothers and sisters in 1966 left Shelly Summers an only child that encountered both sexual and physical abuse. Three of her own children would populate the rural cemetery east of the flashing yellow light in the little hamlet in Central New York having met horrific deaths. Two of which were burned alive. Three other children that had a connection with Shelly would meet a fiery demise and a seventh child would mysteriously drown. Forty-two years of fires would follow Shelly until police, prosecutors and fire investigators of multiple counties and agencies utilized their resources to end “Teflon Shelly’s” reign of terror.


About the Author

Ron Ryan

The author was born, raised, and currently resides with his wife in the small hamlet of Navarino, NY. He became Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department at the age of 23 and is currently a Fire Investigator with the Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management. Inv. Ryan is also a Code Enforcement Officer with the Town of Onondaga. He has been an Accelerant Detection K-9 handler, working with his K-9 partner “Bo”. Ron has conducted thousands of fire investigations over his fire-service career including several arson-homicides. However, he self-proclaims his proudest moments are witnessing the accomplishments of his two sons, Jeff and Jason.