Teaching In Elementary Schools

The Real Deal

by Regina Long Southall


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After a lifetime spent as an elementary school teacher, Regina Long Southall wants to raise the awareness of the general public as to what the job actually entails. In Teaching in Elementary Schools; The Real Deal, Southall paints a picture born of experience, pointing out the flaws of the educational system and giving a personal account of the ins and outs of being a public school teacher.

Inspired by her own first-grade teacher, Southall knows that teachers can have a powerful impact on their students. They lay the groundwork for all other professions, but without changes to the current educational system, teachers will continue to run into obstacles and lack much needed support.


Book Excerpt

My poem"What Is Wrong With Our Youth," portrays my view of changes that must happen to make young people successful. "More parental guidance, support, and community involvement can be our best valuable sleuth." Joyce Meyer was also an encourager who helped me become a successful writer. Her book, "Woman to Woman" renewed my strength to go forth stimulated my mind. "You have not failed until you have stopped trying." Joel Osteen also lifted my spirits when he stated in one of his messages "God uses everybody regardless of who they are."


About the Author

Regina Long Southall

About the Author: Regina Long Southall is a native of Portsmouth, Virginia. She graduated from Norfolk State College (now University) in 1970 and went on to earn her MA in education from Regent University. Before retiring, Regina worked in the Suffolk and Portsmouth City public schools, respectively. She spent nearly thirty-three years of service in the development of young minds. Regina has also been a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority since 1968. This is her second published book, and she plans to have her children’s books in stores in the near future.

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