The Beach Club Volume I

Magic Beach

by T. Johnson


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The Beach Club Volume I – Magic Beach

Mikey Sanchez is an 11-year-old 5th grader from the inner city. Like most kids his age, Mikey looks forward to summer vacation. However, he had no idea this summer would be one he would never forget. While spending time at his Aunt and Uncle’s beach home, Mikey makes two new friends, Danni and Skip. Together the trio would form “The Beach Club.” During the summer, they would spend time riding their body boards, camping out on the beach, going to the local water park and solving a magical mystery that would shake the entire town. Follow the adventures of Mikey and his friends as they solve the mystery of "Magic Beach".


About the Author

T. Johnson

Hampton University Graduate, T. Johnson resides in New Jersey. Aside from writing, he also enjoys sports, designing homes, and spending time with his family. Johnson truly enjoys writing books for juvenile and middle grade readers. His book Seasons of the Year has received tremendous praise from preschool, kindergarten and elementary school teachers. Magic Beach is the first of three volumes T. Johnson plans to release in his “Beach Club” series for middle grade readers. It has received 5 star ratings on,, and Look for more titles from this author in the future.

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