Tantrum Survival Kit

The Definitive Guide to Tantrum Management

by Douglas H. Ruben PhD


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TANTRUM SURVIVAL KIT is a compendia of the latest empirically-based techniques documented for disruptive (tantrum, other) children ages preteen to teenage years. Simple-to-use manual provides rapid solutions facing professionals and parents. Especially for nontraditional parents (e.g., grandparents, foster parent, stepparent, adopted parent), user-friendly steps conveniently describe the logical way to control tantrums, classified into three categories. Category I is garden-variety verbal escalations universally present in most preteen to teenage households. Category II deals with more seriously aggressive tantrums in preteen children, from self-injurious to maliciously property destruction. Category III spells out a remedy for explosively violent tantrums in teenagers without parents falling into traps. Readers also get a privileged look at the reasons why commercially-favorite and even some research-favorite methods do not work and have nasty side-effects. Chapter on Impulsiveness and Attention Span provides succinct explanations for behavior problem and how to cure it. Steps show how to bypass labels of ADD, and ADHD, and deal directly with the child's behavior. Chapter on Tantrums in School guides parents and therapist on why programs fail, and how to liaison with teachers and personnel in repairing school behavior problems. No other book on the trade market comprehensively covers the inner workings of schools and how to navigate the maize. Unlike other tantrum manuals, this book is encyclopedic in its detailed review of tantrums, tantrum-related problems, and solutions to obstacles encountered during interventions


About the Author

Douglas H. Ruben PhD

Dr. Douglas Ruben is a forensic and licensed psychologist, and national consultant on family therapy, addictions, and parenting. His seminars on parent empowerment, schools, and Adult Children of Alcoholics appear nationwide through Cross Country University. He literally has given over 3000 workshops across the United States from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. Dr. Ruben is author and co-author of over 70 scholarly and self-help books and over 100 professional articles. His recent self-help books consist of the I-Can-Do-it-Series of Parenting books (Amazon, Kindle, audiobooks). Other recent books include: Effects of Bad Parenting and What to do About it; 25-Secrets to Emotional Self-Healing, Forever Sober; No More Guilt: 10 Steps to A Shame-Free Life; Bratbusters: Say Goodbye to Tantrums and Disobedience; Avoidance Syndrome: Doing Things Out of Fear; Family Recovery Companion, 60 Seconds to Success, One Minute Secrets to Feeling Great.

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