A Life...In Transit

Tales From The Saddle of a Forty-Footer

by Jim Lucitt


Book Details

“Joking and joviality, the telling of tall tales both triumphant and tragic, this is comedic fiction at it’s best! Movers and shakers, lug nuts and losers, and lots of love and even more laughter. Its all here”. —McLean Press “You better hold on tight for this wildest of rides! This journey has plenty of ease and smoothness but there are undoubtedly some sharp turns, big bumps, and quick stops along the way, but you’re going to want to travel through to the end”. —Skye News “Poignant perspectives that place you right in the driver’s seat of a city bus. Jim Lucitt hacks directly into the heart of a world that few would dare to enter, but makes it fun with his rockin’, rollin’, rollicking and rumbling story-telling style”. —Comet Telegraph


Book Excerpt

".... whirling past the occupants just enough split seconds to see the fear in their wide open eyes, the dental work in their dropped jaws, and the agony on their faces as they shit themselves."


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Jim Lucitt

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