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Music has always been Claire Steven's lifeblood. She grew up in New York City, with the top radio stations in the world, broadcasting live, just blocks from her apartment building! So it’s not surprising that she developed a dream to be the disc jockey dropping the needle on all those records—and have a jingle with her name in it.

Today, with a string of notable achievements behind her, Claire shares the incredible stories behind the music from her perspective—behind the mic. Gleaned from years of interviews, these are stories told mostly in the artists’ own words…and what stories they have to tell! Digging deep into the nitty-gritty of the artists’ lives, Claire learned about the “ups” and successes of their careers and personal lives, and the “downs” too, and she was struck by the universality of many of their experiences. Music lovers of all ages will enjoy peeking behind the scenes at the superstars who are, in the end, men and women trying to live their lives and build careers just like everyone else.


About the Author

Claire Stevens

Claire Steven's big break came in 1983 when the infamous Scott Shannon discovered her on-air, and she spent the next eight years at WHTZ (Z-100) in New York, as news director and lone female member of the Z-100 Morning Zoo Crew. She also wrote and anchored a daily news report for the Fox Television Network. Her next stop was KOOL 96.7 (WKHL), an Oldies station, where she was the midday disc jockey. It was there that she launched a one-hour Sunday night show called Rockin’ Back™, and interviewed live many of the incredible artists on their playlist. She served as president of the New York Board of the National Music Foundation, chaired nationally by Dick Clark, and launched a radio syndication company which produced and distributed four weekly shows to over 75 radio stations around the country. Claire currently resides in Scarsdale, New Mexico.