Book Details

“Not even the strongest of winds could tame the beast of heat welling up inside me.”

A once upon a time with a modern day twist, and a free spirited girl with a special gift. Thinking she was nothing, out of house and home...below all the rest. But then yet again, she would have never guessed the world around her will change forever. All she can do is live with what she is dealt with. In the end of this courageous adventure, what will she choose? The life that we all come to know or the one that she belongs to...?


About the Author

E.M. Dixon

Tale of Tails is E.M. Dixon’s first book of many whimsical adventures to come. When realizing the joy she found in writing this novel, E.M. Dixon finally realized that this was her calling in life. Growing up with a bubbling imagination, she has been writing stories from fiction to mystery since she was young. In the end this novel won’t be the last, but only the beginning.