Stop Smoking : Without Quitting

by John English


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No Pills, No Gadgets, No Trickery - No Kidding

For anyone who has ever struggled to kick the nicotine habit, this is the book for you. The simple yet highly effective method outlined in Kill the Addiction has been proven to help people stop smoking permanently-without quitting.

"I smoked for 16 years and never was able to quit, even for a day. Not having to quit was what made me look into it. Did it all in ten days and have not had a puff in a year. I never will again. My doctor couldn't believe it. I gave him a copy of the method and he made copies for his waiting room. Hope you don't mind. Thanks, John."

- Gentleman ex-smoker from Atlantic City area

With this method, each hour, each day, the strength of your addiction grows weaker and weaker. The little cravings decrease in strength and frequency as you become stronger and stronger and are able to chase them away in seconds. Eventually, they disappear completely. You will succeed, it will be permanent, and it will change your life completely. And it will be easy!

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What are the benefits of this method, compared to most other methods?

1. My method is totally Non-Intrusive....Non-Invasive, compared to the body-invasion of pills, gum, prescriptions, needles and so forth. Also compared to mind-invasion of Hypnosis and brain-washing seminars.

2. My method is very Cost-Effective, at only $11.95US for the book, and less through Amazon and other outlets, and only $8.50US for the ebook at my website. No other expense!

3. My method is Repeatable. In the very unlikely event of failure, starting again a second time is easier than the first and is strongly recommended. With other methods, failure usually results in discarding that method.

4. My method is Private. No buddy-system. No so-called support groups. In the book you get six reasons to do it alone.

5. My method is Painless. No quitter's withdrawal symptoms and agonizing cravings, since it involves stopping smoking, NOT quitting! And to fully understand that, one has to read the book.

6. My method is Easy. That was repeated time after time by the test group, and always to their astonishment. As it was to me, when I stopped easily.

7. My method is Euphoric. If you take a pill, for example, and it happens to work you are not going to be tremendously proud of yourself. It was the pill that did the work, not you. With my method, YOU do the work. YOU succeed. YOUR self-confidence and self-esteem soar, as they rightly should.

I read somewhere that Christmas is an especially good time to buy this book. Why?

Two reasons. The first is that with inflation it has become virtually impossible to give a worthwhile Christmas gift that costs you less that $25 to $30, minimum. For only a few dollars you can give this book....the gift of LIFE! If you buy 10, you pay half price through the "Discount Book Store" link below.

The second reason is that the phenomenon of New Years Eve Good Resolutions is still very much alive and well! What better time to save an addict!

Where can I read reviews of your book?

Several of the major outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have some of them. For a complete list just scroll down this page.

What are your qualifications to write such a book?

Apart from 50 years as a nicotine addict, and many failed attempts at quitting permanently, I have studied my subject extensively. For years I have read books, research studies, articles, opinions, postings and cries for help under subjects like Cigarette Smoking, Smoking Cessation, Smoking during Pregnancy, Quit Smoking Now, Tobacco Use, Smoking Statistics, About smoking, Tobacco Smoking, Quit Smoking Support, Smoking Kills and Smoking name just a few. Plus the fact that I used my own method once, with immediate total success. Eight years clean! Without the slightest desire ever to light up again.

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REVIEW Lisa Conner of the Manuscript Review Team, Outskirts Press

I would like to share my overall impression of your work: What a great narrative you have here.  You are such an inspirational writer.  I hope you have plans not only to print this book but to go talk to people about it.  I really enjoyed your approach and outlook to your subject matter. Your narrative voice is very familiar and friendly. You have a way with words and your writing has an excellent flow to it. Your book is nicely put together and filled with information I am sure many people will find interesting and thought-provoking. It is obvious that you have lived this and put much thought and preparation into your work. You have a certain fervor for your subject matter because you really speak to your audience in a way that makes you believe you too can follow in your footsteps.  I know many people who could benefit from a read of your book.  I am certain your work will be well received by a wide audience.  Your book is well written.

REVIEW John Trelford. A reader.

Let's apply some logic to smoking cessation and it will work

The trouble with so many quit-smoking approaches is they ask you to tackle the wrong problem. In John English's new gem, "Kill the Addiction", he identifies the right problem, then tackles it by providing the nicotine-addicted an easy-to-follow method to never lighting up again.

The devil is in the details, and smoking cessation is no exception. The method presented in this book is noteworthy because, rather than relying on products, gimmicks, or support groups, it taps the power of one's own (often hidden) inner strength to succeed, reinforced with easy-to-follow but critical behaviors. After smoking for 50 years while trying various approaches to quitting, the author has identified the confounding obstacles to success; his method attacks such obstacles head on using specific important behaviors. Explained in short easy-to-read chapters, the reader can take in the method in 5-minute bytes, or read the entire book (72 pages) in one sitting (I read it in about 2 hours).

The book starts by attacking popular smoking myths, presenting scientifically-proven truths; then goes into the method itself. The method draws on the author's experiences trying to quit, uses the basic psychology of motivation, and the effect the environment (especially one's friends and associates) have on one's success. Hint: when you plan to stop smoking, keep your intentions private...until you are well into your non-smoking pattern. Included are numerous statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) about smoking and health. Also included are statistics that dissect the author's study of his own method (90% success rate).

While other methods imply one's (lack of) inner strength is a liability, this method acknowledges it as an asset, useful for self-control. In contrast to a simplistic "you can do it" mantra, the logic behind the method is explained. I found this logical approach refreshing.

I recommend this book to any smoker who wants to stop, or to anyone who knows a smoker who would admit they'd rather not smoke. The method in this book ended the author's smoking habit, and he has remained smoke-free for over 8 years. It was this success after many failures with other methods that the author claims led him to write this short, helpful book, so that others can succeed, too.

REVIEW Sian Long. A Reader. Easy read, and very clever!

If you've ever tried to quit using willpower alone, you know how enormously frustrating it can be. Willpower is no match for the powerful emotions associated with addiction. It simply doesn't work. John English understands this facet of human nature and has found an ingenious solution.

Kill the Addiction revolves around a clever mind trick that quashes the inherent panic that surfaces when you tell yourself that you will never smoke another cigarette. Sounds too simple, but after reading the book, this strategy will make more sense to you. Think of a martial artist using his opponent's strength against him. That's right, John English has devised a sneaky mind-powered Jujitsu karate chop that can immobilize your true opponent - the nicotine habit!

I feel like this is one of the better books out there on non-smoking. Instead of preaching the "just do it" mantra, it allows you to better understand and use the natural tendencies of your mind to work *with* you instead of against you.

If you truly want to quit smoking but haven't been able to figure out the way to get it done, this book is for you. It's a short, easy read. The bottom line? Worse case scenario; it sets you back a couple of bucks. Best case scenario; it will bring about a change in the way you think and empower you to no longer smoke and enjoy all the benefits that brings. Personally, I would recommend this book to anyone who has a desire to stop smoking - give it a try and enjoy the ride.

REVIEW Barbara Milbourn for Writers In The Sky.

“What’s in a word?” we ask.

English ought to know. At age 20, the Britt was swept into compulsory military service and supervised the weekly cigarette ration at the officers’ mess. In those circumstances (and assuredly in circumstances of your own), try avoiding being caught in the smoking web in the first place, and when you see you haven’t, try escaping it.

Over the next fifty years, English tried to do just that, and he’ll tell you he quit “many, many times. The shortest was for several hours. The longest for eight months . . .” Then he found a way—or rather made his own way—to stop smoking, and he shares that method with you in his book.

Kill the Addiction is a slim book with a dynamite cover guaranteed to grab attention. The author tells you a little about himself, how to use the book, how it is structured, and what the essential first step is if one seriously wants to stop smoking. In short, snappy paragraphs, he’ll tell you what the method is not, and he’ll cover popular smoking myths. As a former smoker with a handful of friends who still smoke, all of the myths rang true with me. He’ll hit you between the eyes with smoking facts; not pretty—not pretty at all. The author primes the reader’s pump a little further with information about overall physical and emotional health, provides a brief review, and then delivers you to the method’s starting line and on into the battleground.

I appreciated the book’s directness, and how when the author knew he would never smoke again, he set out to test the method with others. Toward the end of Kill the Addiction, he shares the statistics and the comments from some of those in his control group and provides numerous resources on where smokers can get additional information.

Each of us finds our own way, and most often it is with a helpful point in the right direction. John English delivers one such direction.

REVIEW Mark Capombassis A reader

What a terrible habit smoking is. I always knew it but did nothing about it. I, along with two brothers, have smoked for the better part of 20 years now. I am 38 years old and I can tell you that I no longer feel invincible as I once did. I really felt as though smoking was taking years off my life but still did nothing about it.

I have a  daughter now and I thought to myself that I need to make a change in my life for her if I cannot do it for myself. I came across the book Kill the Addiction: Stop Smoking Without Quitting and I thought I would give it a shot. Here's the thing and the reason why this book worked for me. I am just a simple guy looking for a straightforward path to quitting smoking. I don't need to dive into the depths of my soul and figure out all the demons I have to find the strength to quit. I JUST WANT TO QUIT.

John English's book is a basic man's approach to quitting by setting up small goals of simply taking time off until you just don't have the desire to smoke cigarettes any more. The method allows you to develop the will power you need to stop the habit of smoking and end the addiction to nicotine.

Now I will hopefully have the opportunity in my life to meet my daughter's kids down the road. My Dad died of lung cancer from 40 years of smoking. He never got the opportunity to meet my daughter. I gave a copy of the book to my two brother's and the method worked for them as well. Thanks John for the extra years.

REVIEW For Readers Favorite

  Too often we are self defeating by thinking long term. However, if we think in short term or smaller increments things do not seem impossible. Such as smoking if we stop smoking for 24 hours instead of quit smoking permanently we may find the challenge less daunting.

John English shares his method of Kill the Addiction. English begins by discussing what his method is not. It is not a special diet, does not require special foods, no special drinks, pills, chewing gum or candy.

He continues by looking at smoking myths.

English stresses: Don't tell anyone what you are doing, begin immediately and stop don't quit.

"Look back in wonder and look forward with pride!"


About the Author

John English

John English divides his time equally between Florida and Canada. He is a former smoker of 50 years. He was unable to quit smoking but was concerned about his health, so he devised a way to become smoke-free without actually quitting. He has been free of his addiction for seven years now, and wants to share the secret of his method with anyone anxious to kick the habit and become drug-free!

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