Steps to Heaven

How to Live On Earth to Gain Eternity with God in Heaven

by Olufemi Adeniji


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Where Will You Be When You Die?

When old age creeps in and the youthfulness of yesteryears is gone, the body will become susceptible to the power and grip of death. Your wealth, fame, power and popularity cannot stop it; neither can any power on earth or under the earth stop death from taking over your life. The question then is what becomes of your soul. Have you made adequate preparation to meet God and spend eternity with Him in heaven, or you have relegated yourself to spend eternity with Satan in hell? If you have not started thinking of these, now is the time. As you do these, this book will guide you in your search for the truth.


Book Excerpt

To the ungodly and wicked, the earth is like heaven. It is a self-sufficient place where all their natural needs are met. It is a paradise where there is sufficiency and the best of the best for those who gravitate to the good of the world. These are those whose bellies are designed by Satan to delight and glory in his temporary kingdom. The earth is a place that will permit the ungodly to live, grow, and become totally indifferent to what will become of their souls after they die. The sinners forget about the end of life because of the pleasures they have created, which they worship and live for. These become the lords and rulers of their lives. They worship these pleasures. They forget the truly important thing: their permanency and everlasting life with God after they die. These pleasures are vices with no enduring values. They are here today and gone tomorrow. They are temporary pleasures compared to what God has prepared for them in heaven. The Bible says that the “eye have not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (I Corinthians 2:9) The good things that await every believer on the other side of eternity are beyond the comprehension and imagination of man. Satan does not want the believer to know this. He wants to entice him with the temporary things that have no lasting values. He wants to blind him and prevent him from inheriting the greater riches of the world and the riches thereafter. The time here on earth is unfortunately a fraction of the time that the unbeliever and the disobedient will spend in hell with Satan. This book is a compilation of ideas, aimed at shedding light on the truth of the Gospel. It is a book that shows the current trend in man’s life and his pursuits -- all of which are contrary to God’s plan for him. It is about this life and beyond. It reveals the steps that man must take in order to gain heaven and spend eternity with God – away from hell and the demons. It is a comprehensive book that all heavenly-minded believers must read. It will allow them to see and re-examine themselves in light of the life that they are living, examine their actions, goals, and pursuits; and finally, think about their final destination once they have fulfilled their missions here on earth. The passages in it will hopefully steer them away from hell and point them in the direction of life and righteousness. One day, this life as we know and experience it will end. If, through your unbelief, you lose sight of what is “yonder” -- that is, on the other side of this earth -- it will be the costliest experience on earth and in heaven. The way is narrow, and many will not find it. I pray that God will grant you the patience to search and find Him. I pray that He will enrich you with spiritual blessings and steer you in the direction of eternity with Him. You will not live a life of spiritual waste but one that depicts the gospel of Christ on earth – all in readiness to partake of eternal life.


About the Author

Olufemi Adeniji

Dr. Olufemi Adeniji is a retired, celebrated and nationally recognized high school principal. He dabbled into church and the things of God reluctantly. With His love and passion for souls both at work and in churches, he worked tirelessly and sacrificially in various positions of leadership. From these, he vowed to use this book to wrestle away souls from the hands of Satan in hell and prepare them for eternity with God after their lives end on earth. Dr. Adeniji was an educational administrator who earned a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas.



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