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Long ago in the skies above Bethlehem lived a rejected star named Stella

Stella wasn't like all the other stars in the skies above Bethlehem. She was a four-pointed star in a five-pointed world, and the other stars teased her because of it. One December long ago, the stars heard an important event was about to happen. One of the stars would be chosen by God to lead the wisemen to the manger on Christmas. Could it be Stella? Not if the other stars get their way, and they will do anything to stop her! Stella's story shows us that oftentimes the ones considered different in the world are the ones who shine the brightest through their faith, hope, and love.

Some of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to autism-related charities.


About the Author

Marc McCormack

Author's note

I wrote Stella the Rejected Star when I was a wide-eyed, 11 year-old. Thirty-seven years later, the story is even more relevant personally when I consider my 13 year-old beautiful son, Brady, who was born at 24 weeks at one pound, six ounces.

Brady was a twin, and tragically his brother, Carson, passed away after two weeks.Now, Brady is a blind, nonverbal boy with autism who has sometimes been rejected for his differences; however, he radiates love and light every day in my life and so many others.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to a close friend and brilliant artist, Seth Thompson, who helped bring Stella to life through his perfect illustrations.

Stella the Rejected Star is for Brady and all individuals with special needs who illuminate the world when, like Stella, they are given the opportunity to shine.

With love,
Marc McCormack