by E.J. Brown


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We are here to teach the world what happens when love is enough…

We are here to teach the world what happens when love is enough...Speechless is the true story of one family who fought against the incurable, irreversible disability of autism and won. It is the tale of three brothers, each diagnosed within months of one another, and their parents' fight to bring them back into the typical world they had left so long ago. Their parents accepted the disorder with the caveat that they would continue to fight and would never accept that this had to be a lifelong disability. This brought with it the realization that, if you hope, anything is possible--even recovery and a cure.

Together they listened to their children and navigated a new path to acceptance; they opened their eyes to what their children needed. They began to look at all the gifts their children had instead of focusing on the things they lacked. They realized typical was overrated and their children were extraordinary.

With this new knowledge they were empowered as they weighed the options of this new world, finding the unique therapies that would help each of their children on the road to recovery. This paradigm shift set them on a new path from despair to hope- to a new life for all five of them. Together they took it one day at a time, enjoying every moment--all the while moving closer and closer to a normal life. The unique minds of three remarkable boys would teach them so much. For the first time they could appreciate the pure joy of dancing in the rain, stopping to smell the lilacs, and the beautiful music you can create with a handful of rice and a xylophone.

Speechless is the real life story of a family that was faced with tragedy who, instead of lying down and falling apart, stood up, dusted themselves off and fought until what the experts said was impossible became a reality.

Speechless is a story of acceptance and hope that will enable you to look at your journey differently and will give you the ability to change your perspective. The hope and heart full of dreams you had for your child before you received the life-changing diagnosis will be restored. This is the story of acceptance of the challenges you have that confront you right now, but also the belief that you have the ability to change the future.


Book Excerpt

The eyes of a child let us see all that we are missing and we begin to live differently. Take the rain for example--we're told from the time we can walk to get out of the rain, stop jumping in puddles, put on your raincoat, don't dilly dally. The only thing you get from staying out in the rain is wet. We tend to watch from the window. As you look down the street you can see children with their noses pressed against the glass, blinds pulled back, watching the rain hit the pavement as trees sway in a dance that is all their own. We stay inside and enjoy the cozy feeling that comes with being safely out of the storm. In my house we don't run from the rain, we revel in it. What once was a nuisance is now pure joy to our youngest son. We revel in the happiness it brings him. Pure fun. A child's playground for as long as Mother Nature will allow. An exclusive club for a select few that know the secret joy it brings. There are so many ways to enjoy your fleeting time in this exclusive club. Some run through the rain with great speed, getting pelted with the cold drops, some enjoy it with their mouths wide open, and others try their best to run between the falling drops. Clary could spend all day in the rain. He is the keeper of the storm and one of the few people I know who enjoys all it has to offer. We have stood still under the running water as it falls off the roof into the mud and plants below. We have sat on the curb in a stream that flows downhill, letting the water crash into our feet, creating a dam as the current increases until it breaches the top of our feet, creating a waterfall. We put sticks and leaves in the drain spout to watch them swim away doing backflips and somersaults, never knowing where they will end up but enjoying the ride. I don't know why we were told to stay out of the rain. If you stay outside you will get much more than just wet, as our mothers predicted. My son shows us all the joy that there is in the simple things that we have avoided for so long. He gives us a new set of eyes and new experiences that I would never have had if not for him and that beautiful mind of his. He is a miracle with a vision so much clearer than mine--so in focus, so pure, so in touch with what is important. I will never again come in out of the rain and hopefully you won't either.


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E.J. Brown

E.J. Brown has been fighting to recover her sons from autism for the past decade. For the last seven years she has been the teacher to one handsome, insightful, bright student: her son, Clary. Every day means fighting the good fight to full recovery. She lives in coastal South Carolina with her handsome trophy husband, George, and three brilliant boys that teach her more every day than she ever learned in a book or in a classroom.

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