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Molly Calliste was born in the West Indies and was educated in New York City. This is the first collection of poetry and images from an artist who drew inspiration from ‘all that is often left unsaid’. This small collection has been several years in the making, allowing the reader to experience the words as sharply and vividly as she did while writing them. Her poetry is evocative and humbling, honest and heart-breaking, sometimes all at the same time. The artist currently lives and works in New York City.


Book Excerpt

Sitting Indian style on the floor surrounded by pictures. Images of blemishes ago, years cured, I didn’t see how I made it worthy. Time used without account only the company of sadness, that emerges in-between smiles like breaks of sunlight through rain-darkened clouds. I couldn’t recall the last time I felt truly happy. Happiness that sat within simple contentment becoming more even as it mirrors it. Couldn’t recall a moment when I didn’t want. And more than anything, I wanted my life to matter.


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Molly Calliste