Sniffy the Beagle

by Rita S. Eagle, Illustrations by Gerry Rasmussen

Sniffy the Beagle

Sniffy the Beagle

by Rita S. Eagle, Illustrations by Gerry Rasmussen

Published Feb 02, 2007
44 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Beginner


Book Details

The brave little dog who wins by a nose.

Meet "Sniffy" -- the brave little dog who "wins by a nose"! "Sniffy is a beagle hound who always has his nose to the ground." But his young owner, Tommy, doesn't want a dog that just sniffs and sniffs all day. He wants a dog that jumps for Frisbees, and fetches and plays. So Tommy sulks ...and this makes Sniffy unhappy too. The heartache and tension in their relationship mount until day... Tommy reads an ad in the newspaper that changes both their lives.

So begins Sniffy’s adventure as he faces perils and faithfully fulfills his duties while doing an important job. This heart-warming story celebrates exceptionality, and the rewards of tolerance and respect for differences. It speaks to the talents that may be found in each of us, and to the value of responsibility for and commitment to doing a job as best as you can.

The story of Sniffy and Tommy packs action, warmth and fun. It is written by Rita Eagle in witty, entertaining rhyme with whimsical illustrations, by Gerry Rasmussen, that capture all the motion and emotion of the story. Its message may be especially of interest to children who feel "different" and for the parents, siblings and classmates of kids with special needs. But it is also an important message for all kids – and grown ups too.

"Sniffy the Beagle" will capture the hearts and minds of children 4 to 9, parents and teachers, and beagle lovers of all ages


Book Excerpt

WANTED (the ad said), a sniffing hound
A dog who KNOWS with his NOSE
Where food can be found.
We need such a dog, to help us fight crime.
If you have such a dog, please call any time
To speak to Constable Sam Moriarity
Chief Canine Trainer at the Airport Authority.”

When Sniffy's amazing nose lands him in a perilous situation on the job. Sniffy knows what he has to do to fulfill his duties. He receives an award,
“and knows, when he hears the applause
He is a hero for being …just who he was”.


About the Author

Rita S. Eagle, Illustrations by Gerry Rasmussen

Rita S. Eagle, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, mom and grandmother. Formerly of New York City and Toronto, she now lives in Southern California with her family, and , until June 18, 2007, her son's dog, Henry.B.Eagle. She has published in several professional journals and is the author of the recently published book, “Help Him Make you Smile: Intersubjectivity in the Atypical child”. "Sniffy" is her first published children's book .

Gerry Rasmussen is a cartoonist from Edmonton, Canada. His comic strip, Betty, has been syndicated by United Feature Syndicate since 1991, and appears in nearly 100 newspapers and magazines, in seven countries. Gerry's illustrations have also appeared in publications, websites and ad campaigns. "Sniffy" is his first children's book.

Sniffy the Beagle" includes accurate information about the training of detector dogs, provided by the United States Department of Agriculture. Henry B. Eagle is the proto-type for Sniffy, and he never worked a day in his life. However, he was much loved for nearly 16 years, and sorely missed. All royalties from the sale of Sniffy will now be donated, in his memory, to the Beagle Rescue Fund of America.