The Small Business Owner's Guide To Alternative Funding

What the Small Business Owner MUST Know to Get Through These Financial Times! VOLUME 1

by Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

The Small Business Owner's Guide To Alternative Funding

The Small Business Owner's Guide To Alternative Funding

What the Small Business Owner MUST Know to Get Through These Financial Times! VOLUME 1

by Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Published Feb 19, 2010
150 Pages
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Finance / General


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Our current national financial
situation makes it even harder for
small businesses to qualify for bank financing.

Balancing the scale in this arena is vital,
but will it even out for you?

This handy book is here to guide
you through the maze of options
that might be of benefit to your company.

You’ll better understand the various financial options
available, and how to access them, including tips on:

Personal Financing

Peer-to-Peer Lending


Asset-Based Loans

Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing

Merchant Cash Advance

Purchase Order Financing

Equipment Lease Financing

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Venture Capital Financing

You’ll also find valuable information on getting your small business started and the basic principles every owner should know. Help make your business a success and know your options!


Book Excerpt


"The Bible on Financing Sources and Creative Ways to Raise Funds...The Small
Business Owner's Guide To Alternative Funding is a clearly written, comprehensive
guide that any business in need of funding would benefit from. This book will
stimulate your creativity and provide you with all the necessary tools to acquire
the money needed to move your business forward...Highly Recommended!"

--Dr. Joe Rubino


"A choice and very highly recommended pick that shouldn't be missed."

--Midwest Book Review


"An Excellent Resource Every Small Business! - This book is well researched and
written by someone who is obviously an expert in this field...I have read this book and
was amazed by the amount of valuable information it contains. Who knew that
such resources even existed. I highly recommend anyone one who owns a small
business or is planning to start one to invest in this excellent book. "



"Power Packed Guidebook - This wonderful book is a must have for people in all
facets of business from beginner to the advanced professional."



A prospective business owner needs a mindset or state-of-mind to open a new
business with vision, drive, an opportunity seizing orientation and timeliness for
the new idea. Following these steps, the entrepreneur needs to address credit/
financing, cash-flow, capital, capacity, collateral, commitment and personal trust.

The acquisition of this book would be extremely helpful for anyone starting a
new business for the first time. The presentation reviews key milestones in the
process together with the mindset needed by entrepreneurs to move the process

Dr. Joseph S. Maresca CPA, CISA
Bronxville, New York USA


"I've been in business financing for 20 years and even I learned some things from
Karlene's book. It's an easy, concise read that I would recommend to all
entrepreneurs. Karlene is the new Queen of business financing!"

--Kevin S. Clark, "Mr. Big Mortgage", Clark Capital Group,LLC


""Today's economic survival is not only dictated by the quality of your business, but
by the quality of your financing. Every small business owner should read this book -
it can make the difference between having a good business and a growing one."

--Fred Rewey, Co-Founder of


“In these tough economic times of “tight credit”, Karlene has delivered an answer
for those struggling with the common problem of how to access capital for their
business. Soak in from her this advice, this counsel, this plan. Take it back with you
and implement it.”

--Bill Bartmann, Billionaire Business Coach,


"Karlene has written a brilliant, comprehensive guide that will assist all business
owners whether first time or seasoned, on how to find and attract alternative financing."

--Jeffery Combs, Golden Mastermind Seminars,


"A must read for anyone in business, about to be in business or struggling in
business...This book should be a must read for all commercial brokers that are
soliciting business from alternative lenders."

--Jeff Latham,


"Karlene’s book shows you how to find money for your business without using
a bank loan. She identifies the secret to financial solutions funding for small
business, women-own business, non-profit organizations, minority business, and
much more…

--Julwel Kenney, Co-Author of Goals and Proven Strategies for Success
(with Les Brown, Dr. John Gray, and Stephen Covey)


"Karlene, What a great read, outstanding job! Your unique approach, information
packed publication really does a great job in explaining the alternative financing
solutions that are available to the business owner. During this credit crisis,
economic meltdown your book is a must read for the business owner that is
seeking to access capital. I strongly endorse your publication."

--Michael Ponomarew, Managing Director,
Millennium Funding Inc.


“Business owners would do well to invest their time in reading this book. I particularly
like the section on myths and misconceptions which addresses the many mistaken
beliefs and misunderstandings surrounding small business lending. A good
resource offering sound, practical advice on where to find alternative financing.”

--Pauline Leitch, Director - Business Finance Center,
Community Business Partnership, VA


"Anyone planning to start a business and looking for financing would be well
advised to read this book and take its messages to heart. It's choc-full of truisms and
sound advice and written in an engaging, down-to-earth style that anyone can easily
understand and relate to. A great read on a very pertinent subject!"

--Ralf Bieler, Author of Marketing Magic - The Bigger Bang for the Smaller Budget,
Principal & CEO at Multiple Funding Solutions, Inc., FL


“Ever so often in an age overwhelmed with information and “how to books”, a
resourceful individual will come out of no where and take what is difficult and simplify
it in such a way that ordinary people are empowered to do extraordinary things.
Karlene is such an individual.

This resource guide has been well thought out and prepared making it truly
“lay-friendly for all readers”. I recommend it wholeheartedly to all pastors,
religious leaders and educators as a tool to broaden their faith community’s
understanding and knowledge of what it means to be a good steward.”

--Dr. Darrell K. White, Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA


"Your topic is a very timely one. With the state of our nation’s economy, people are
starting their own business more frequently and are in need of alternative funding.
You offer your reader a wealth of knowledge. I have to tell you that even with the
serious nature of your subject matter, I really enjoyed your approach and outlook.
You do a nice job of expressing your ideas through a narrative voice that is both very
familiar and friendly.

Your book is nicely put together and filled with information I am sure many people
will find interesting and thought-provoking. It is obvious that you have done your
homework and put much thought and preparation into your work. I am certain your
work will be well received by a wide audience. Your book is well written."

Lisa Conner, Manuscript Review Team
Outskirts Press, Inc., Parker, CO


About the Author

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson

Karlene Sinclair-Robinson is an entrepreneur and business financial consultant based in Northern Virginia. She has been successful in assisting numerous clients access millions of dollars in alternative funding, even with less-than-stellar credit.

Mrs. Robinson spent over eight years working with small business owners and witnessed their inability to access capital through banks while being unaware of alternative options. She decided to fill the void by writing this book.

She hopes The Small Business Owners’ Guide To Alternative Funding, Volume 1 will help many of you attain a better understanding of funding options to help you increase your cash flow and grow your business. Her second book, Volume 2 of the guide, which is under way, will address more alternatives in additional markets.



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