Sleep Walking Out of Afghanistan

Walking It All Back

by Harold Phifer


Book Details

I found myself caught in the middle of the biggest vehicle explosion to ever hit Afghanistan. While dealing with injuries and destruction my mind kept spinning out of control from horror to horror to my dysfunctional past. I did my best to replay my personal ordeals and the reactions of the people around me as accurately as possible. The journey starts out in a tropical country of Thailand where I was living a carefree life with no worries or drama. By happenstance I came across another retiree (Dylan) that took advantage of my drunken state while easily coercing me to dive into my life’s history. It was a life that I buried deep below the surface away from my kids, my family, my friends, my co-workers, and mainly myself. Each story is sure to affect you differently than the previous one. Dealing with what I had viewed as an imminent death helped to bring closure to where I was once open and exposed. The book touches on the sad, the shocking, and the schizophrenic behaviors that surrounded me until later into my adulthood. I tried to ratchet down those experiences with my sense of humor and creative out-takes. You are guaranteed to read this book over and over again! You may find yourself identifying with many of the events or characters. But undoubtedly, some of the stories will stick with you like nothing you have ever read or ever heard of before.


Book Excerpt

I had a female instructor teaching us how to sequence airplanes for landing. In the middle of her demonstration she told us how one pilot requested a “HARD TURN to FINAL”! That would be a sharp turn to line up to the airport. The instructor told the pilot, “I have a HARD TURN ON for you! How about IMAGINING ME in a DARK ROOM with BLACK PANTIES ON”! I never gave any erotic instructions but I had fun acquiring new techniques.


About the Author

Harold Phifer

Harold Phifer was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi. All of his first 25 years were solidly spent inside his home state. After graduating from Mississippi State University he went on to work for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for 23 years as an Air Traffic Controller. He eventually left the FAA and began work as an international contractor where he has done numerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.



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