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Just because you grow up and do bad things, doesn’t mean you were brought up that way.

If we could see our flaws through the eyes of good people, who would never judge us, we might correct them and we would become perfect, hence we would no longer be human. (gdw18) It makes me very uncomfortable to acknowledge but please understand school is sometimes the only refuge. I believe that’s a fact no one likes but we can’t get around. Remember they’re still our future, be your best. I acknowledge it hard but no one promised it would be easy. I promise you, it’s all worth it. (UNK) Thank you for your service. So to you teachers out there; there’s a kid in your class who doesn’t go to the bathroom after lunch (was me) and goes straight to recess. When recess is over guess whose hand went up needing to go to the bathroom. Well, in the second grade a teacher would still say no after she caught on. She said no a few times and I stopped asking. I had other plans. The majority of my teachers were completely dedicated and inspiring. Not from what they taught but from the heart they put into our learning. I didn’t act like it but I got it. I never disrupted a class except the time someone stole my hat and gloves. I told the teacher no one could leave until I got my stuff back. I didn’t enforce it. I wrote about what I learned at John Marshall Harlan High School on Chicago’s south side. I was also the kid who would do anything asked of me and I didn’t mind delaying my next plan for gratitude. That’s how my hat and gloves got stolen. I was a good school kid, except for that day.. As you read, you recognize my point being all of your kids grow and hopefully grow up. Please continue to do your best for all our sakes. We know your sacrifices. However angry you are, whoever you hate for whatever reason; My message is; stop it. never stop doing good and soon you’ll realize it’s not your conscious guiding you. Help somebody up. Always do what you do best first. They see you. I carried everything I learned forward and still feel humbled by some of my teachers natural ability to give of themselves. In those classes, with those teachers we were all focused. I credit those giving souls for showing me how to grow. I write about the good and the bad in the schools. You’ll read about my U.S. Air Force experiences. It was a fantastic adventure.


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I knew my education was over once I arrived at this school system. I actually told myself as much.


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Gaylan D. Wright

Slave to the Dream is a memoir of one man's intense rebellion, roadblocks, and-ultimately-his inspiring growth, powered by the healing powers of family support and divine intervention. This book will appeal to readers who are interested in stories of overcoming chaos and desperation, achieving personal transformation, and the wisdom one gains from a life of trials and triumphs. Through it all, at times I felt like an observer being guided through life’s adventure. I acknowledge our successes were not of our own doing. I’m just following instructions which mainly lead in the direction of, “Do Good Things”. I have no illusion of where I'm headed, and I go willingly. My only desire is to leave things better than THEY WERE when I got here. EVERYTHING. I am a twice retired, USAF and the Wyoming Highway Patrol. A citizen of the United States of America and knowing that but by the grace of God to be born here. American is the beacon to the citizens of the world. There is no one who doesn't want to live the Dream, no matter their actions or words. The USAF and Wyoming Highway Patrol have increased my understanding and I see more clearly what is happening today. I claim Chicago as my home town mainly because I was born there and lived there before joining the United States Air Force. It is an incredible city when things are right. As a youngster, I began to tell myself, just because I do bad things, doesn't mean I was brought up that way. That was the justification I used for the wrongs I was doing. I joined the Air Force once I got tired of my folks having to worry about me and so I could stop making My mother cry. I really didn't want to be their burden any longer. The atmosphere and climate changed when I joined the Air Force but I didn't.

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Slave to the Dream


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